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Welcome to Migues Investigative Agency, LLC

Privacy  Compassion  Dedication  Results

At MIA, privacy and confidentiality are at the forefront of every endeavor. Each case is treated with respect for our client's personal and professional lives. Starting with trust is the strong foundation in which we build upon. Never compromising ethics or integrity, we honor the moral values of our clients.

Compassion comes from the heart. Our diverse clients come to us in some of the most crucial and emotional times of their life, often overwhelmed by the situation at hand. Guiding clients with sensitivity and vast knowledge results in a strong relationship, building the confidence needed to triumph in this most vulnerable time.

Our dedication is our pride. As experienced investigators we are committed and know the value of our work. Our consultants are experienced, highly successful veterans in their respective fields and are a priceless asset at our clients disposal. Staffing a legal advisor with 25+ years experience in the Lafayette and Louisiana area provides up- to- date, pertinent information for your case. Having a fluent knowledge of laws, rights, courtroom procedures and outcomes is crucial for success.

Our personal security and IT partners add extreme value to our clients experience and end result. Securing safety of information, assets and life are indispensable services. Seeking and sourcing hidden evidence and information is a highly skilled art form.

The applied culmination of our management, staff and resources is why Migues Investigative Agency can boast a 100% success rate . We are your last line of defense. We deliver results when you need them the most!

Founded and Managed by Brooke E Migues


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