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Private Investigators Specializing in Greater Acadiana

Success and peace of mind at an affordable price.

Migues Investigative Agency is female owned and operated in Lafayette, Louisiana and surrounding areas. MIA presents highly inconspicuous investigators, veteran consultants and skilled security experts. Drawing on decades of surveillance, courtroom, and field experience my staff of investigators and consultants have the drive, knowledge and tools to get the job done in an effective and efficient manner - never compromising ethics - providing verifiable results.






Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

 Domestic Affairs


Divorce- Infidelity- Child Custody- Parental Kidnapping- Child Abuse/ Neglect-Surveillance- Background ChecksService of Process- Legal Tracking- Rental of Covert Equiptment


Criminal Investigations


Criminal Defense- Unsolved Homicides- Unexpected/ Suspicious Death- Theft- Destruction of Property- Stalkers- Elderly, Disabled, Child Abuse or Neglect

 Fraud & Insurance


Worker's Compensation Fraud- Finacial Asset Locating- Identity Theft- Expert Witnesses- Surveillance Investigations- Undercover Operations- Automobile Accidents- Background Checks- Criminal Histories-Witness Statements- Torts- Negligence

Computer Forensics


Digital Forensics-Cyber Crime- Darkweb- Fraud- Civil or Criminal- --Years of Percise, Highly Trained Experience

 Missing Persons


Investigations- Undercover Operations- Human Trafficing-  Reinterviews- Witness Statements and Review- Background- Criminal Histories- Video Footage Retrival

 Counter Surveillance

Wire Tapping- Anti Wire Tapping-Trap Devices-Debugging and Tracing


SmFree Consultation. Call today.all Title

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